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Lottery Solutions

With over 40 years of experience in lottery, whether that be traditional ball draw games, scratch cards, or electronic instant win, our team has "been there, done that".  RDI's LottoRun+ platform can manage it.

  • Accounting
  • Distribution
  • Ball draw management
  • Ticket sales
  • Real time ticket tracking
  • Automatic reconciliations
  • Scratch cards - traditional and electronic

Plus, we can delivery client solutions via desktop, dedicated device or tablet / mobile phone.



Traditional scratch cards

Some of our team members have been designing traditional scratch card games for close to 40 years. We understand the value and importance of margins. We know distribution. Whether you are adding scratch cards to your existing market to compete with others or entering a new market with a new scratch program, we have the expertise, the models, the processes to help you succeed. The hardest thing is knowing where the pitfalls are ... we can help.

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Mobile, electronic, online instant win

It's a tech-driven world these days. Are you ready to take instant win games right to the player? LottoRun+ has the ability to help you create, deploy, and manage your digital lottery strategy.

Mobile gaming is the ultimate presentation of instant win. Give your players the ability to win anytime and anywhere.

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traditional ball draw games

So many choices and decisions to make. 2-ball game, 3-ball, 4-ball, or 5-ball - what about an extra ball? How to manage breakage? What are the expected values for the game? How much can we really make? What kind of risk do I have once I get started? You have the questions, we have the answers ... and more importantly, we have the answers that apply to your specific market and challenge. Let's play and win ... together.